Eight Ways to Install Your Mini Split

Feb 23, 2024


Jake Nielson


A mini-split system can be an excellent addition to your home. Unlike traditional forced-air systems, mini-splits don’t depend on the maze of air ducts to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. Instead, you can install one or more units in the rooms or spaces that need them most. But where exactly are the best spots for ductless mini-split installation?

It can depend somewhat on the design of your home including what rooms you use most. But overall, there are lots of spaces that are perfect for a mini-split system. When you’re ready to begin the process of installing ductless mini-splits in your home, trust local pros like Schraer Heating & Air Conditioning for quick, efficient service.

Why a Ductless Mini-Split Is Worth Installing in Your Home

Mini-split systems are a worthwhile alternative for many homeowners thanks to their unique benefits, such as:

  • Compact size: Like the name suggests, mini-splits don’t take up as much room as central air conditioners or furnaces. They’re perfect for smaller homes, tight spaces and people who don’t like a lot of noise from their HVAC system.

  • Energy efficiency: Many mini-splits are ENERGY STAR®-rated for amazing energy efficiency. Installing a mini-split could help you lower your monthly bill.

  • Lack of ductwork: Some homes lack adequate or efficient ductwork, and installation is expensive. Mini-splits don’t require ductwork, and you’ll avoid having to deal with clogs.

  • Air conditioner and heat pump models: Mini-splits come in a wide range of models. For example, mini-split air conditioners are for cooling only. Other models are mini-split heat pumps that can transfer heat both in and out of your home.

The Eight Best Places to Install Ductless Mini Splits

  1. Bedroom: A cool, comfortable bedroom is a big part of a good night’s sleep. A mini-split air conditioner can generate ample cooling without making noise or a big impact on your energy use.

  2. Basement: Many basements are unfinished, and a ductless mini-split is more affordable than all the costs associated with finishing it.

  3. Attic: Like the basement, attics may be drafty or muggy compared to the rest of the house. A mini-split can keep attics comfortable for storage or other uses.

  4. Home Office: With working from home becoming more popular, a mini-split could be a great addition for your home office. While in your home office, you can rely on the mini-split and keep the main HVAC system on standby.

  5. New Addition: Large renovations sometimes need additional ductwork or equipment to ensure comfortable temperatures. A mini-split can be one of the easiest, most affordable options to accomplish this.

  6. Sunroom: Sunrooms or three-season rooms are wonderful spaces to relax. A mini-split heat pump can help maintain pleasant temperatures through hot summer days and cold winter nights.

  7. Garage: When working on the car, lawnmower or some other project, a mini-split system in your unfinished garage can help you stay focused on the task at hand.

  8. Workshop: Woodshops, hobby rooms and similar spaces aren’t used every day. Rather than pay to keep them cozy 24/7, a ductless mini-split system can be used when needed.

Schedule Professional Mini-Split Installation from Schraer Heating & Air Conditioning Today

The small size and high energy efficiency of a mini-split system could be useful for your comfort needs. To begin the installation process, give the local professionals at Schraer Heating & Air Conditioning a call today at 636-456-5041. We’ll make sure your mini-split system offers the most benefits possible.